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Thursday, May 5, 2022

Holy Martyrs Irenaeus, Pellegrinos and Irene of Thessaloniki

Sts. Irenaeus, Pellegrinos and Irene(Feast Day - May 5)

The Holy Martyrs Irenaeus, Pellegrinos and Irene are an unknown triad of saints from Thessaloniki, who were commemorated in ancient synaxaria and in the West, but for some reason were left out of later lists and manuscripts of saints from Thessaloniki.

During the persecution of Emperor Diocletian, Irenaeus, Pellegrinos and Irene the Virgin were arrested and urged to deny their Christian faith and sacrifice to the idols. They refused to do so, which led to them being condemned to be burned to death. In this way they delivered their souls into the hands of the Lord and gained the crown of martyrdom.
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