May 20, 2022

Synaxarion of Saint Lydia of Philippi

By Monk Gerasimos Mikragiannanitis

On the 20th of this month [May], 
we commemorate Saint Lydia of Philippi.


Your entire household believed in Christ Lydia,
Appearing as the first of Philippi O Saint.

Blessed Lydia was a merchant of purple cloth in the city of Thyatira in Philippi, and as one who revered God she adorned herself with blameless conduct. When she came to the heaven-traversing and divinely-sounding Paul, she listened to his teachings, and accepted the light of the gospel. Her entire household believed in Christ, and were baptized in the stream of the Zygakti River. Thus she conducted herself according to the gospel, and attended to the blessed Apostles in her home, while serving the Lord with virtuous works and good acts. Her life came to an end in an apostolic manner, and departed to the heavenly mansions, having inherited the heavenly Kingdom.

Apolytikion in the First Tone
Revering God with an upright intellect, through Paul she accepted the splendor of Grace, and was first with her entire household, in Philippi to believe in Christ, O godly-minded one, wherefore we honor you with songs of praise, Lydia of Philippi: glory to Him Who was well-pleased with you, glory to Him Who filled you with radiance, glory to Him Who gives through you greater things.

Kontakion in the Fourth Tone
The words of Paul, made you splendid, appearing in Philippi, as an image of a holy life, and your entire household was greatly glorified, for you were found worthy Lydia of Philippi.

The first of Philippi to come to Christ, you came godly-minded one, through the renowned Paul, O Philippian, Lydia to the stream, where you were baptized in Zygakti, with your entire household O all-revered one.