May 3, 2022

Resurrection Divine Liturgy in the Stable which Saint John the Russian Lived for 19 Years in Prokopi of Cappadocia

On the Sunday of Thomas, 1 May 2022, a Resurrection Divine Liturgy took place in the stable Saint John the Russian lived in for 19 years in Prokopi of Cappadocia.

Pilgrims from Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and Turkey gathered together for worship.

At this location, Saint John the Russian was made to live after he was taken into slavery by the Turkish Aga, and he took care of the animals that he lived with in the same stable. Even after the Turkish Aga set him free, Saint John continued to live in this stable until the day he reposed in the Lord. In all, he was here for 19 years.

The spot where he would sleep, today is occupied by the Holy Altar.