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Thursday, March 11, 2021

Oikos to Saint George the Arselaites

On the 11th of March we commemorate Venerable George, of the Lavra of Arsela, who lived in asceticism in the land of the Sinai Fathers.

Behold now, a luminous day has risen, the divine commemoration of our Venerable Father George. Come O godly-minded, with joyful leaps, let us hasten, that we may worthily honor, with divinely-inspired hymns, this ascetic who is worthy of admiration, and is a fervent intercessor to our God, imitating his conduct which is beyond reproach, and behavior which was loved by God, his contests and bouts, his sweat and ascetic toils. With this, and the innumerable miracles he performed, which were gifted to him by the compassion of God, he even as much atoned by fasting and prayer, humility and love, obedience and meekness, and every other virtue, especially temperance and righteousness. Thus, rejoicing in him let us cry out with longing: Arselaites, the ornament of the Fathers.

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