January 4, 2021

Testimony of a Student of Athoniada on Mount Athos Regarding an Appearance of Saint Nikephoros the Leper


My name is Leon Georgios, I am 22 years old and a graduate of Athoniada Ecclesiastical Academy of the Holy Mountain.

I wanted to tell you, with the fear of God, about a miraculous event which happened to me not long ago with the most revered Venerable Nikephoros.

One night, as I went to do my prayer rule in the church of the School, as I offered veneration, I saw in a stall a monk, who was praying with a very large prayer rope.

After making the sign of the cross, I drew near to him, and having made a prostration, I said to him:

"Your blessing, Father."

He replied:

"The Lord, my child."

At that moment he got up with a calm smile and looked into my eyes. I cannot tell you what a strange feeling I felt within myself. I began to ask the Elder questions. I asked:

"Elder, what is your name?"

He answered me:

"My name is Nikephoros, my child, and I am at the Holy Unmercenaries."

Then he started giving me answers to some things that were bothering me. He even knew my thoughts. I was surprised by what he told me. He also advised me to always say the prayer "Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me the sinner", to obey my spiritual father, and to practice humility and patience.

Then I asked him if I was blessed to go and meet him at some point, and he said:

"Yes, my child, come. I will wait for you with great joy, to greet me. Know that I will always pray for you."

After blessing me on the head, he gave me a blessing:

"The Panagia be with you. And do not be afraid, my child. Face the temptations with faith and patience and I will be by your side."

I made a prostration, thanked him with tears in my eyes and, after he hugged me, he said:

"Do not cry, because I will always be by your side."

I left the church believing that it was someone our schoolmaster knew. After half an hour something was pulling me back into the church.

As soon as I entered, all that was there was a very strong scent. I did not say anything to anyone.

A few days later, a monk gave me a book as a gift.

As soon as I saw the photo and the name on the cover, I burst into tears, because the person depicted was Saint Nikephoros.

I thank God, who found me worthy to see this Saint. Since then I love and revere him very much. Many times I feel his living presence near me.

Testimony from the book of the Monk Simon, "Saint Nikephoros the Leper, the Wonderworker". Translated by John Sanidopoulos.