January 19, 2021

Saint Makarios, Bishop of Ierissos

St. Makarios of Ierissos (Feast Day - January 19)

The Venerable and God-bearing Makarios lived during the reigns of the emperors Constantine the Great (324-337), Theodosius (379-395) and Arcadius (395-408). He was probably the first Bishop of Ierissos in Halkidiki and is considered the builder of the Church of Saint Stephen in the Monastery of Konstamonitou of Mount Athos.

During the first years of his episcopal ministry, he met Constantine the Great, who sought to build New Rome near the Isthmus of Akanthos, near Ierissos and Mount Athos. With the wisdom of his words, he persuaded the emperor not to proceed with the implementation of his plans and thus saved the peaceful area and in fact Mount Athos.

During the reign of Julian the Apostate, the Saint was persecuted and took refuge in Mount Athos, where he lived in asceticism and prayer. He is considered the second founder of the Monastery of Konstamonitou.

Saint Makarios reposed peacefully during the reign of Arcadius (395-408).

Apolytikion in Plagal of the First Tone
You lived as one equal to the angels, wise Makarios, shepherd of Ierissos, the luminary of the Church, and shown to be among the first-fruits of the Fathers; you brilliantly adorned, your throne with teachings, and good works, and raised to the divine dwellings, you intercede on our behalf to Christ.