December 2, 2020

The Young Woman Who Saw Saint Porphyrios After He Died

When Elder Porphyrios had reposed, a young woman from Australia came to visit him. She did not know he was dead.

When she came to the monastery, she saw that there weren't people outside, and finding the door open she went upstairs to his cell. Surprisingly, she saw the Elder sitting on the bed, talked to her for a long time, said what he wanted to say, she got the answers and, very happily, went down the stairs.

At that moment a nun appeared. Meanwhile the door was closed. She told her:

"How did you get in?"

And the young woman answered:

"It was not crowded outside, I found the door open and went upstairs and talked to the Elder. He had no one there."

The nun said to her:

"But how? Did you talk to the Elder?

The young woman replied:


"But the Elder is dead," the nun told her.

"What are you saying? The Elder is upstairs!"

And turning abruptly she went up again to see the Elder. She went up the stairs, and the cell was empty, his bed was made. Then she burst into tears, that she had seen the Elder and spoken to him, while the Elder was already dead!

Source: From the book Anthology of Miracles - Saint Porphyrios Kavsokalyvites (Ανθολόγιον Θαυμάτων – Αγίου Πορφυρίου Καυσοκαλυβίτου). Translation by John Sanidopoulos.