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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

The Precious Wedding Gift of Saint George Karslides


At Elpida Kalaitzidou's wedding, Saint George Karslidis gave her a tablecloth as a gift, which he embroidered with his own hands. The next day, however, her fellow villagers came to see her and as soon as they saw it, they started commenting on it disapprovingly.

“How could the Elder do that? He has given such beautiful gifts to others and gave you something so poor?"

The next day the Elder visited her and said bitterly: “Elpida, the women did not like the gift I gave you, eh? Is that not right?"

"No," she said to justify herself, "I really liked it."

"But they were not happy. Oh, my child! Do you know with how many tears and prayers I embroidered it in prison, when I was there! It is a great blessing!"

Since then she has revered it so much that she never laid it out. It has been preserved until today, as a precious heritage and a blessing from our Holy Elder.
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