November 18, 2020

The Funeral of a Dead Church

By Abbot Parthenios,
Monastery of Saint Paul, Mount Athos

A zealous pastor took over a new parish. But every Sunday and feast, his church remained almost empty. Despite all the recommendations and motivations he gave his parishioners, he failed to get them to attend church.

Saddened by this situation, the following trick was devised: He announced to the whole parish that the funeral of the church would take place next Sunday.

The ad was published in many places and circulated in many copies. Sunday had come. The pastor decorated the church and put the coffin in the middle. The church was filled with the curious. The pastor spoke appropriately to his parishioners and at the end invited everyone to come and see the coffin. Inside the coffin he had put a mirror and whoever approached to see the dead, saw themselves.

When the finger is cut off from the body, it dies. When the ear is detached from the body, it dies. Every Christian who distances themselves from the Church is lost ... they die.

Don't die!!!

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.