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November 9, 2020

Coffee, Sugar and Saint Nektarios


Saint Nektarios, in the Regulations of his Monastery in Aegina, had appointed the Nuns to drink one coffee in the morning, and one in the evening.

But during the 1941-1945 German occupation, there was no sugar in the markets, and no coffee. The Abbess ordered the Sisters to drink coffee only in the morning, not in the evening, so as not to be deprived quickly.

That night, however, the Saint appeared to the Abbess and told her sternly:

"Why do you break my orders and do not give coffee to the Sisters in the evening?"

"But, my Saint, there is nowhere to buy any and so as not to be deprived quickly."

"It is my job how it will they be found. I want my orders to be carried out," he told her.

That same night there was a ship traveling with coffee and sugar. The captain beheld the Saint in his dream telling him: "In the morning send a bag of sugar and a bag of coffee to Aegina, to my house."

In the morning when he woke up, he asked his crew if anyone was from Aegina. And indeed, there were some. He told them his dream. They understood immediately then that it was Saint Nektarios.

"Do you have any icons of him?" he asked them.

They showed him one. The captain recognized by it the man he had seen in his dream. He kissed it.

The next day a car came and notified the Sisters to go down to the beach to pick up food. Amazed, the Sisters went down and received the coffee and the sugar!