October 19, 2020

Synaxis of the Panagia the Vasilissa in Mouzaki of Karditsa

The Holy Icon of the Panagia Vasilissa ("the Queen") is unique in Greece and its subject refers to the condition of our Panagia after her death. The Panagia after her Dormition and Metastasis in heaven received unique honors from her Lord and God, Jesus Christ. He crowns her Queen of Heaven and gives her a high throne at His right hand. That is why, as Saint John of Damascus says, our Panagia possesses the "second-place to the Holy Trinity" and that is why she is praised more than any other Saint according to the prophecy and revelation "henceforth all generations shall call me blessed." She was named Queen by the Prophet and Psalmist David: "At Your right hand stands the Queen in gold from Ophir." The Holy Icon of Panagia Vasilissa was made for the niche of the Holy Bema in the Church of Saint George and of the Holy Unmercennaries in Mouzaki of Karditsa in Central Greece, as the Priest has a special relationship with the Mother of God. The Athonite Fathers, especially Elder Ephraim of Katounakia, urges the Priests to pray a lot to our Panagia, because all the Saints prayed to the Panagia. "No gift is given by God to man," says the Elder, "except through the Panagia. The Panagia distributes the gifts to the world."

The Icon was made in a miraculous way, both in terms of finding the money and in terms of the painting and depiction of the image. The iconographer revealed upon delivery of the Icon that he did not draw any wrong lines on her face, but he felt the presence of someone to be by his side at the time of the painting of the face of our Panagia. The Holy Icon of the Panagia, after its enthronement, has performed many miracles to people who come to her grace and ask for her help. This shows that our Lady the Theotokos wanted to be depicted as a Queen who helps people. Her cloak is purple and red inside, not accidentally of course. The purple color symbolizes mourning, while the red color symbolizes sacrifice and death. In this way the Panagia, who experienced the sacrifice of her Son, the pain of loss and death, gives to all of us who embrace the sacrificial spirit the ability to gain eternal life. It comforts us, and especially people who suddenly lose their children, that separation is temporary, just as she was temporarily separated from her Son and is now close to Him forever. It gives us courage, because she gave birth to the Leader of Life and those who believe in her Son will not taste death, but will go to eternal life.

The Holy Icon of the Panagia Vasilissa celebrates on August 15, the day of the Dormition and Metastasis of the Theotokos, and the Synaxis of the Panagia Vasilissa will be celebrated on the day of her enthronement, on October 19 each year.

Apolytikion in the First Tone
We fall down before your revered Icon the Vasilissa, bending the knee of our soul and our body, O Virgin, entreating your support, O Pure one, for your intercessions to your Son and with litanies, that we may attain, O Virgin, from Him forgiveness of our sins. Glory to you for your grandeur, Revered one, glory to you for your wonders, glory to you for going beyond your dominion, O Maiden.

Come O brethren let us kiss, the sacred Icon, of the Vasilissa, pouring forth miracles like an ever-flowing stream, the filth of the passions, having dried up the springs.