October 20, 2020

A Marvelous and Humorous Miracle of Saint Matrona of Chios


The following marvelous and humorous miracle of Venerable Matrona of Chios involves a blind man, a crippled man and a mute woman.

On the eve of the feast day of the Saint, the 19th of October in the year 1701, all three sufferers separately experienced a vision that united them in a paradoxical manner.

The mute woman beheld in a dream that the crippled man was pursuing her, which due to her fright caused her to scream.

The crippled man had a dream in which he heard the screams of the mute woman. This caused him to be terrified and he jumped up and ran away unhindered.

In the blind man's dream, he heard the mute woman screaming and the crippled man running away, then suddenly his eyesight was restored.

When all three woke up, the miracle that had taken place in their vision became manifest in reality.

Indeed, the mute woman spoke, the crippled man walked, and the blind man was able to clearly see.

Being the eve of the feast day of the Saint, an all-night vigil was taking place that night in the Church of Saint Matrona. Each of the three disclosed to the large crowd in attendance their miracle. By doing this the three seperate miracles became united in their source, which was the grace of Saint Matrona. This astounded all present, and they all gave glory to God and His Saint.

This miracle became famous throughout the island of Chios, to the point where the Muslim ruler of the island heard about it. Wanting to confirm that the paradoxical account was a fact and not just hearsay, he had all three of them brought before him. When he heard from them their own personal account, the Muslim ruler marveled with all the rest.