October 20, 2020

Synaxarion of our Venerable Mother Matrona of Chios

St. Matrona of Chios (Feast Day - October 20)


Leaving the world completely non-worldly,
Now bride Matrona you stand before the Bridegroom.
The Venerable one had the island of Chios as her homeland, and was from a village called Volissos. Her parents were called Leo and Anna, who were modest in their manners, and were notable among others in their lineage and wealth. The blessed one, due to the fact that even in her young age she was very knowledgeable, because of this she loved God. For this reason she turned away from every other earthly love and passionate attachment to the worldly. And leaving behind her village and family and parents, she became a stranger and sojourner, on behalf of the Lord who appeared as a stranger on earth for us. From the inheritance she received from her parents, a portion she distributed to widows and orphans, and from what remained she paid the expenses for and built a church with much care, and this she dedicated to the name of the Savior Christ. 
When the foundation for the church was being done, a large treasure was discovered. There were two possible reasons for this: it was either an act of the devil, to prevent the good that the Saint was doing, or it was an act of God, to reveal to all the dispassion the Venerable one possessed towards corruptible and vain wealth. The truth was revealed by her actions, for instead of the Saint being joyful at the discovery of the treasure, she prayed and supplicated to God that the discovered treasure would disappear from her midst. God therefore heard her entreaty, and the treasure - O the miracle! - was immediately transformed into coal. Not only did the Venerable one build a church, but also a bath for strangers who were sick. Her body became so dried up, that she appeared as if she was bodiless.

The work of the Venerable one was prayer and psalmody and tears, which she had as her food and drink. Burning with divine eros, she was cooled off by the tears engendered by this eros. Her mind was heavenly, fully dedicating it to God, from Whom she was illuminated and brightened. Along with these virtues that the blessed one was adorned with, she was found worthy to receive also the grace and power to do miracles, which was so great and rich within her, that through her a dead man was raised. Once enemies and war came to the island of Chios, with a nation of savage barbarians encircling the land, and one of them went to the monastery of the Venerable one, and the shameless one undertook to force a nun into dishonorable intercourse. Immediately he was found to be dead. When the Saint saw that he was dead, she had compassion on him. And through her prayers, she resurrected him, saying: "Why, O mindless man, did you dare to do this undertaking? Arise! And from now on do not undertake to do such profane acts." Having said this - O the miracle! - he who was motionless moved. And he who was formerly breathless and dead, showed forth life and breathing. This miracle became beneficial to all the land, for when the other barbarians learned about it, they became more reverent, and their savageness was turned to calmness. And when they came to Chios a second time, they did not harm any of the inhabitants.
The Saint therefore shined with these graces, and delivered her blessed soul into the hands of God. After her death she left behind her sacred relic, as riches that cannot be taken away, and an ever-flowing spring of miracles. Many and various healings of various sicknesses were issued to those who approached her with longing and faith. The entire island of Chios came to know the Venerable one as Saint Kyria, for she received dominion (kyriotita) over suffering. 

Apolytikion in the Third Tone
Following the steps of Christ, you left behind all the pleasures of the world, and imitated in the flesh the lifestyle of the angels. Wherefore with the gifts bestowed by the Spirit you brightened up your homeland, the island of Chios, O Maiden extolled by all. And therefore it cries out to you joyfully: Rejoice, O all-honorable Matrona.

Kontakion in the Third Tone
In no wise was your femininity, seen as a hindrance O Matrona, towards your super human struggles and contests, putting them to shame, by your great mind O God-bearer, bringing great gladness, to the female race by your victories, taking away the reproach of defeat.

Having poured forth the sweat of asceticism, in Chios O Mother, as the stream of a spring, from which we draw from, blessed Matrona, the cleansing of the passions of our perishable soul.

Another Megalynarion
Having your revered icon, glorious Matrona, as a lasting tower, we flee to it in times of all manner of danger, and we are redeemed from all harm.