May 4, 2019

Translation and Placement of the Holy Relics of Saint Mary Magdalene


For the Translation.
Although dead you live, and the city is silent,
Being beforehand entranced by you Mary.

For the Placement.
Mary calls Christ, Rabbi, once again.
What did she say? Christ. Bury me with a covering in the city.

On this day, the 4th of May, we commemorate the Translation of the Sacred Relics of the Holy and Righteous Lazarus the Friend of Christ and the Holy Myrrhbearer Mary Magdalene, which took place during the reign of Leo the Philosopher and lover of Christ in the year 890.

Having died in Ephesus, according to tradition, Saint Mary Magdalene's relics were translated to Constantinople by order of the emperor Leo in 890. On May 4th in the year 912 the consecration of the Church of Saint Lazarus took place, in which were contained the relics of Saint Lazarus and Saint Mary Magdalene. This took place just days prior to the death of Emperor Leo, which happened on 11 May 912.

The Translation and Placement of the Relics of Saint Lazarus are commemorated on a separate day, specifically on October 17th.