May 2, 2019

Saint Savvas, Bishop of Dafnousia

St. Savvas of Dafnousia (Feast Day - May 2)

Saint Savvas is not commemorated in the Synaxaria or Menaia of the Church, but the Bollandist scholar Hippolyte Delehaye does mention him without any biographical information. However, the Lavra Codex I 70 f. 2026 does contain the following information about him:

"Because of his virtuous conduct, according to God, which from childhood he showed himself to be completely pious and reverent and possessed the fear of God, he was synodically elected to become the Bishop of Dafnousia, and receiving the throne he taught all the true and pious faith, and converted and baptized many who were idolaters. Having lived his life well and in a God-pleasing manner, he departed to the Lord, whom he longed for since childhood."

It is not known whether the Dafnousia referred to is the municipality in central Greece or the island which is today known in Turkish as Kefken Island (pictured above) and lies off the Turkish coast in the Black Sea, a short boat ride from the mainland village of Cebeci in the Kandıra district of Kocaeli Province. It seems both had bishoprics.