May 4, 2019

Synaxarion of the Venerable Hilary the Wonderworker

St. Hilary the Wonderworker (Feast Day - May 4)


Perceiving Hilary as having a gladsome nature,
He works wonders while buried in his grave.

This Saint from a young age, lifted up on his shoulders the Cross of the Lord, followed the One who was crucified, and because he subjected the passions of the flesh to the spirit and the soul, he was enriched by God with the grace to work healings. Thus he cured many and various sufferings and sicknesses, and banished demons from the people. After this he shut himself within a very narrow hut, and lived away from every tumult and noise. Therefore he shined with dispassion, and accepted the divine office of the Priesthood.

This Saint ceased the calamity brought about by hail, animals that hindered seeds and production he banished, the dry earth for want of rain he watered with rain, like Elisha and Elijah he divided and passed through the currents of a river, he healed the withered hand of a Christian, the legs and members of the lame and paralyzed he restored and made firm, and having worked many other miracles, he reposed in the Lord.