March 6, 2019

Venerable Arkadios of Cyprus with the Holy Martyrs Julian and Euboulos

St. Arkadios of Cyprus (Feast Day - March 6)


Venerable Arkadios.
Noetically girding up the loins with the virtues,
Unencumbered Arkadios ran towards the heavens.

Holy Martyrs Julian and Euboulos.
"Here we die by the sword Euboulos,"
Said Julian bringing good counsel.

Venerable Arkadios was from the island of Cyprus, and became a monk as a child, exhibiting God-pleasing conduct. He struggled during the reign of Constantine the Great (306-337) and brought benefit to many, not only by his life and virtue, but by his teachings and exhortations, as were Julian and Euboulos.

Julian and Euboulos had come to him and were made steadfast by his words and virtue. During the reign of Julian the Apostate (361-363), they were arrested by the idolaters, who were granted boldness by imperial authority against the Christians, and having been harshly tortured, they were beheaded.

When Venerable Arkadios heard about this, he was saddened, but thanked God for arranging it. Remaining in the place where he was was, he prayed much with tears, and reposed in peace.