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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Holy Martyrs Diodoros the Presbyter and Marianos the Deacon

Sts. Diodoros and Marianos (Feast Day - March 19)


The cave was like an altar. Within is offered,
The sacrificer of Christ, and his levite with him.
The Holy Martyrs Diodoros the Presbyter and Marianos the Deacon suffered martyrdom after the martyrdom of Saints Chrysanthos and Daria.

In a cave near the place of execution of the Holy Martyrs Chrysanthos and Daria in Rome, Christians began to gather to honor the anniversary of the their martyrdom. They celebrated Church services and partook of the Holy Mysteries. Learning of this, the pagan authorities sealed the entrance to the cave, and those within received the crown of martyrdom.

Two of these martyrs are known by name: the Presbyter Diodoros and the Deacon Marianos. Their relics rest today in the Church of the Holy Apostles in Rome.

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