March 5, 2019

Holy Martyr Eulogios of Palestine

St. Eulogios of Palestine (Feast Day - March 5)


All of creation blesses Eulogios,
For the sake of your Creator you were beheaded.

The Holy Martyr Eulogios was a native of Palestine. After the death of his pagan parents he was baptized a Christian and gave away all his inheritance to the poor, and he himself became a wanderer and went throughout Palestine, converting pagans to Christianity and baptizing them in the name of the Holy Trinity. This led to him being arrested and brought before the ruler of the land, who tried to persuade the Saint to sacrifice to the idols or suffer death. Eulogios remained steadfast in his faith in Christ, and for this he was terribly tortured and beaten. Finally he was sentenced to beheading, and in this way he received the crown of martyrdom.