March 2, 2019

Holy Martyr Troadios of Neocaesarea and Those With Him

St. Troadios and Those With Him (Feast Day - March 2)


Do not hesitate Troadios to be slain by the sword,
Do not hesitate nor delay to bear the crown.

On this day we commemorate the Holy Martyr Troadios of Neocaesarea, a noble young man, and those who were martyred with him during the reign of Emperor Decius (249-251),* after suffering many torments. Saint Gregory of Neocaesarea (Nov. 17) witnessed his sufferings in a vision while he was distant from the scene. He also saw the soul of Saint Troadios being crowned as a victorious athlete.

Saint Gregory of Nyssa describes the vision of Saint Gregory of Neocaesarea in his Life he composed:

"[Gregory] protected his people by making them take flight and offered a common defense on behalf of those who had contended for the faith. Just as we hear of Moses who, when he was some distance from the Amalekites's army, inspired his people to fight the enemy, in similar fashion [Gregory] fixed his soul's eye upon what had been accomplished and invoked God's help on behalf of those who fought by confessing their faith. After he and his friends prayed to God according to their usual practice, distress and fear immediately overcame those present. Being urged by both the sight and report much like an approaching sound, he remained motionless for a long time in their midst. Once this phenomenon happened which had a good effect, [Gregory] regained his composure and praised God with a clear voice. He added that song of victory and thanksgiving which we often hear David saying, "Blessed be God who did not give us as prey to their teeth" [Ps. 123:6]. They gazed upon him with astonishment and wished to know about this great wonder which appeared at the hour of tribulation, that is, a youth who defeated the devil in a struggle over piety. [Gregory] clarified this example for those persons who could not grasp the situation, claiming that at the time a certain young man of noble lineage was recognized for having obtained [divine] help and so became leader of the people. This person's name was Troadios who received the crown of martyrdom after many trials which he bore bravely."


* St. Nikodemos the Hagiorite says their martyrdom took place under Emperor Akakios (Acacius) in the year 253, but there is no such emperor by that name.