October 16, 2018

Synaxarion of our Venerable Father Malos

St. Malos (Feast Day - October 16)


Malos for a short time departed his household on earth,
To dwell for a long time in the heavenly household.

Our Holy Father Malos, leaving behind the world, wealth and relatives, went to deserted and uninhabited places. There the renowned one occupied himself, rejoicing in fasting and vigils and other hardships. His face was joyful, and in the name of Christ he performed various miracles; cleansing lepers, banishing demons and giving sight to the blind. These things he did even when he was still alive. After departing to the Lord, he left behind his all-honorable body as a source of healing. He received the grace to have myrrh gush from it, for the averting of every form of suffering and the healing of unhealable illnesses. As the Lord said: "Those who glorify Me I will glorify" (1 Kings/Samuel 2:30).