October 23, 2018

Saint Nikephoros, Who Founded a Monastery in Charsianon

St. Nikephoros, Founder of the Monastery in Charsianon (Feast Day - October 23)


Raising up a sacred monastery Nikephoros,
You also hastened to live a victorious life.

Saint Nikephoros was a monk at Esphigmenou Monastery, probably a hellenized Armenian, and was sent on an important mission to the theme of Charsianon in 1001, i.e., immediately after David Kouropalates, prince of Taiq, had died and his princedom was annexed by Emperor Basil II. Nikephoros worked in the province near the newly annexed land and contributed to the expansion of Christianity for thirty-six years. There he also established a monastery. As a reward, his retirement within the Church was provided for: in 1037 he was settled on Mount Athos; he received the privilege of eating at Protos Theoktistos's table, or, if he preferred, he would be served in his own cell from the protos 's kitchen. His servant was fed with the brethren. After the death of the protos (who was of Armenian stock), Nikephoros was bequeathed an estate. Finally, he reposed in peace. (Actes d'Esphigmenou, Paris, 1973, no. 2.)