October 30, 2018

Holy Martyrs Alexander, Cronion, Julian, Makarios and another Thirteen Companions

Sts.  Alexander, Cronion, Julian, Makarios and the Thirteen with them (Feast Day - October 30)


To Alexander and Cronion.
With Alexander to the boiling lime,
Was brought Cronion his son who did not reverence Cronus.

To Julian and Makarios.
By the sword Julian and Makarios,
Found the most blessed life.

To the Thirteen.
Neither lit fire, nor sharp sword O Word,
Could separate the two times five plus three men from you.

These Saints contested during the reign of Emperor Decius in Alexandria in the year 250. Alexander was the first to be brought to trial, and unable to stand upright, because he suffered from gout in the feet, for this reason he together with his servant (or son) Cronion, were paraded through the marketplace while riding on a camel. After this they were suspended and beaten. Finally, boiling and burning lime was poured on them, and the blessed ones by this punishment delivered their souls into the hands of God.

Julian and Makarios, after receiving many punishments, afterwards were beheaded. Regarding the other thirteen, some were thoroughly lacerated, others were burned, and others were beheaded. None of them denied their faith in Christ. In this way all the blessed ones together received the crowns of martyrdom.