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Monday, October 29, 2018

Holy Martyrs Cyril, Menos and Menaios at Viglention


For October 29

To Cyril.
Indeed crowns are promised for the future,
Cyril knew the promise for the sword.

To Menos and Menaios.
Minaios fell by the sword and arrived where he beheld,
And Mines falling by the same met his end.

For August 1

Menos dwells now with his fellow dwellers,
Menaios in no wise comes into wrath.

On October 29th we commemorate the Holy Martyrs Cyril, Menos and Menaios, who met their end by the sword.

On August 1st we commemorate the Holy Martyrs Menos and Menaios and others at the Viglention quarter of Constantinople, near the Bronze Tetrapylon.

It appears that on these two days the same Holy Martyrs are commemorated.

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