October 3, 2018

Holy Martyr Theoktistos

St. Theoktistos the Martyr (Feast Day - October 3)


Theoktistos gave reverence to the Creator rather than creation,
Rejoicing he bore the removal of his head.

The Holy Martyr Theoktistos met his end by the sword.
Though not identified in the Synaxaria, this Holy Martyr probably is the Theoktistos that was martyred with Saints Cyprian and Justina, who are commemorated the previous day on October 2. There we read that when seeing the innocent death of these martyrs, a certain Theoktistos, who was present there, greatly pitied them and, being inflamed in his heart towards God, he fell down before Cyprian and, kissing him, declared himself a Christian. Together with Cyprian he also was immediately condemned to be beheaded. Another version of the story says that Theoktistos merely greeted Cyprian before Cyprian's execution, and for this he was beheaded.
Thus the three gave over their souls into the hands of God; their bodies, however, lay for six days unburied. Certain of the strangers who were there secretly took them and brought them to Rome, where they gave them to a certain virtuous and holy woman whose name was Rufina, a relative of Claudius Caesar. She buried with honor the bodies of the holy martyrs of Christ: Cyprian, Justina, and Theoktistos. At their graves many healings occurred for those who came to them with faith.