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June 8, 2018

Synaxarion of the Translation of the Sacred Relic of Saint Theodore the General

Translation of the Sacred Relic of St. Theodore the Stratelates (Feast Day - June 8)


Homeland of Theodore receive him dead,
Who is alive among the Martyrs enriching the celestial homeland.
On the eighth the body of the blessed Theodore was conveyed.

He was during the reign of Emperor Licinius (307–324), and was from Euchaita, which is commonly known as Ephleem, in Galatia. He lived in Heraclea which is located near the Black Sea. He was beautiful in his physical appearance, but even more beautiful in his soul, and adorned with reason and knowledge and wisdom, with some even calling him a fountain of rhetoric (vryorretora). Having been tried with every torment and punishment, he was perfected in martyrdom. As a conqueror his holy soul departed to the heavens. His holy relic remained on earth, and gushed forth a stream of healings to those who hastened to them with faith. The translation of this sacred relic we celebrate today. It was transferred from Heraclea to Euchaita, and it was placed in the parental home of the Saint, as the Martyr himself had communicated regarding this to his notary Abgar, before he was beheaded, the details of which are written in the Synaxarion of the Saint, which can be found under the eighth of February.*


* The Holy Great Martyr Theodore Stratelates suffered for Christ in Heraclea on February 8, 319. At the time of his sufferings Saint Theodore ordered his servant and biographer Abgar to bury his body on the estate of his parents in Euchaita. The transfer of his relics took place on June 8, 319.

Apolytikion in the Fourth Tone
With thy true strategy, O Trophy-bearer, thou wast an illustrious general of the Heavenly King. Armed with the weapons of faith, thou didst annihilate hordes of demons. O victorious Athlete Theodore, with faith we call thee blessed.

Kontakion in Plagal of the Fourth Tone
Though lying as dead in thy holy reliquary thou art enjoying eternal life. Thou dost pour forth a fountain of gifts for those who venerate thy relics, and seek thy help, O Theodore, God the Word's commander.