June 30, 2018

Church of the Holy Twelve Apostles in Sudak of Crimea

The Church of the Holy Twelve Apostles is a monument of architecture that is part of the complex of a medieval Genoese fortress in Sudak of Crimea.

The Church of the Twelve Apostles is located at the base of Mount Palvani-Oba, next to Astragver Tower, its other name is the Port Tower. The church, built in the Byzantine style, is referred to in the Middle Ages (13th-15th centuries) as being built for the Greek community of medieval Sudak.

The church is similar to the traditional, small Byzantine chapel. It stands on a rectangular foundation, has an apse with five faces and three windows: from the east, west and south sides. The entrance to the church is located in the west.

Until the second half of the 19th century, on one of the walls of the church, an ancient fresco depicting Jesus Christ and the Twelve Apostles at the Last Supper (hence the modern name of the church) was visible. The fresco was not preserved.

In the years 1987-1998, repairs and restoration work in the church were carried out, and in 2009 an attempt was made to recreate the lost frescoes. As a result, on the walls of the church there was a stylization under the ancient fresco painting on the theme of the Holy Eucharist.