June 28, 2018

Synaxarion of the Holy Martyr Papias

St. Papias the Martyr (Feast Day - June 28);
Image shows St. Orestes being dragged by a horse


How can I escape talking about Papias,
A brave Martyr of the Lord?

He flourished during the reigns of Emperors Diocletian and Maximian in the year 301, having adored and believed in Christ from his ancestors, and he proclaimed piety to others. For this he was accused before the governor and apprehended. Thus he stood before him, and he was urged to sacrifice to the idols. Because he could not be persuaded, but instead he insulted the governor, for this the governor became enraged.

Immediately therefore they bound the Saint by the four limbs of his body, and they beat him for a long time. They then put him into a cauldron full of oil and lard. What followed was a miracle worthy of astonishment. The Martyr could be seen entirely engulfed in flames, wearing the flames like a garment, and he remained tormented like this for seven entire days. Due to this miracle, many unbelievers were converted to faith in Christ.

When the Saint was removed from the cauldron, he was dragged naked over iron thistles. Then he was bound to wild horses, and the horses were made to run over jagged and impassable grounds while dragging the Saint. Then the Martyr was suspended upside down to a beam, and to his neck was tied a heavy rock hanging by a rope. After three days the rope was cut with a scythe, and the Saint fell to the ground.

After this they placed lit coals over his entire body, and they heaped up rocks over him. An Angel of the Lord then appeared, removed him from the rocks, and made him healthy. Because of this miracle, many were converted to faith in Christ, both the executioners that were tormenting him, and a good amount of people, who were in turn beheaded and received the crown of the contest. Finally the Saint was beheaded, and he ascended victoriously into the heavens.