June 19, 2018

Synaxarion of the Holy Martyr Zosimas the Soldier of Apollonia

St. Zosimas the Soldier (Feast Day - June 19)


The soul of your dearest Zosimas ran to you,
He died by the sword, and lives a life of the soul, O Word.
On the nineteenth Zosimas was slain by the sword.

+ + +

Zosimas found eternal life,
His life itself died by the sword.

This Saint was a soldier during the reign of Emperor Trajan (89-117), Domitianus being the governor of Pisidia in Antioch, and he was from Apollonia in Sozopolis. Casting aside his military armour, he fled to the Church of Christ and received Holy Baptism. For this he was brought before the governor, and having confessed that he himself was a Christian, he was suspended and lacerated. After this they put tension on the four sections of the body of the Saint, and they beat him. They then placed him on a red-hot iron bed. Because the fire was changed into dew, many Greeks who were present were awe-struck by the strange wonder, and they believed in Christ.

After this they nailed through the shoes on the feet of the Saint, and binding him to a young foal, they forced him to run behind the governor, who was going to the city of the Komanites. Thus the brave athlete of Christ not only ran, but he also was without food for three days. Two children appeared to the Saint by the Providence of God, one which gave him bread and the other which brought him water in a vessel, and these were received by the Martyr, giving thanks to God, and he ate and drank. After this he was again brought to trial, and again he was suspended and lacerated. Finally he was beheaded, and received from the Lord the unfading crown of martyrdom.