June 18, 2018

Synaxarion of the Holy Martyrs Isauros, Basil, Innocent, Felix, Perigrinos and Hermias

St. Iauros and Those With Him (Feast Day - June 18)


You were beheaded Isauros with your five fellow athletes,
Thus cutting at the middle of the heart the noetic dragon.

Saint Isauros, the Deacon of the Mysteries, and those with him, Basil and Innocent, were from Athens during the reign of Emperor Numerian in the year 284. Leaving their homeland, they went to Apollonia (which is in Albania, and commonly known as Polina), and there by a revelation from a divine Angel, they entered a cave and found Felix and Perigrinos and Hermias, who were Christians. Saint Isauros taught them to not love present temporary things. Thus they were fulfilled spiritually by the Saint, while they filled him bodily bringing to him food, thus confirming their words with their works.

Having turned away from conversing and living with their relatives, because they were Greek pagans, they in turn brought accusations against them before the prefect of Apollonia, whose name was Tripontios. The prefect had them arrested, and being unable to separate them from their faith in Christ, he gave the order and they were beheaded, and in this way the renowned ones received the crown of the contest.

Saints Isauros and Innocent were delivered over to the hands of the son of the prefect, whose name was Apollonios, and by him they were punished by fire and by water, and because they were paradoxically unharmed by these, many Greek pagans were converted to faith in Christ. Among the first of these were Roufos and Roufinianos, both brothers, who were also senators in the city of Apollonia. Finally they were beheaded, and they entered victoriously into the heavens.

Apolytikion in the Third Tone
The nine-fold company of God the Word, Isauros, Felix and Hermias, Peregrinos and Innocent, Manuel and Basil, glorious Ishmael and blessed Sabel, put to flight the enemy hosts. As the Lord's martyrs they received the prizes of victory.

Kontakion in the Second Tone
Wounded with faith and love for Christ, you faithfully drank the martyr's cup, and overthrew the Persian idol's impudence. O blessed Martyrs, you are interceding with the Trinity for us all.