Monday, June 4, 2018

Saints and Feasts of June 4

On the fourth Metrophanes entered the man-feeding earth.

Saint Metrophanes, Archbishop of Constantinople

Synaxarion of Saint Metrophanes the Archbishop of Constantinople

Saint Metrophanes, First Archbishop of Constantinople

Saints Martha and Mary, Sisters of Lazarus

Saints Martha and Mary, Sisters of Lazarus

Saturday of Lazarus Resource Page

Venerable Sophia of Ainos

Saint Sophia of Ainos, Mother of Orphans and Assistant To Those In Need

Holy Venerable Martyr John, 
Abbot of Monagria Monastery

Holy Venerable Martyr John, Abbot of Monagria Monastery (+ 761)

Venerable Alonios

Wisdom from Holy Abba Alonios

Holy Martyrs of Niculitel: 
Zoticus, Atallus, Camisius and Philip

The 1971 Discovery of the Holy Martyrs of Niculitel

The Feast of Newly-Revealed Saints Zoticus, Atallus, Camisius and Philip

Commemoration of the Consecration of the Sacred 
Church of the Holy New Martyr Anastasios in Nafplio

Holy New Martyr Anastasios of Nafplio (+ 1655)

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