June 3, 2018

Saints and Feasts of June 3

On the third Loukilianos was stretched out on the cross.

Holy Martyrs Loukilianos, Paula the Virgin 
and the children Claudius, Hypatius, Paul, Dionysius

Synaxarion of the Holy Martyrs Loukilianos, Claudius, Hypatius, Paul, Dionysius and Paula at Byzantium

Saint Loukilianos and His Appearance to Elder Paisios in 1979

Venerable Athanasios the Wonderworker

Synaxarion of the Venerable Athanasios the Wonderworker

Venerable Hieria

Saint Hieria of Nisibis

Venerable Pappos the Confessor, 
Bishop of Chytri in Cyprus

Saint Pappos the Confessor, Bishop of Chytri in Cyprus (+ 368)

Saint Kevin of Glendalough

Saint Kevin of Glendalough, Wonderworker of Ireland (+ 618)

Saint Gregory, Bishop of Derkoi
Saint Joseph III, Archbishop of Thessaloniki

Holy Hieromartyr Joseph III (Antonopoulos), Archbishop of Thessaloniki (+ 1821)

Translation of the Sacred Relics of 
Saint Demetrius of Moscow

Holy Tsarevich Demetrius of Moscow (+ 1591)

Litany in Honor of Saint Nicholas of Velikoretsky

The Annual 800 Kilometer Litany in Honor of St. Nicholas of Velikoretsky

25,000 Attend Velikoretsky Crucession (photos)

30 Photos From the Litany of St. Nicholas of Velikoretsky