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Saints Raphael, Nicholas and Irene Resource Page

Sts. Raphael, Nicholas and Irene (Feast Days - April 9 and Bright Tuesday)

On 9 April 1463, in the village of Thermi on the Greek island of Lesvos, a priest named Raphael, his deacon Nicholas, and Irene the 12-year-old daughter of the mayor of Thermi, suffered horrible martyrdoms at the hands of Turkish invaders. Their memory over time had become forgotten, until nearly 500 years later, in 1959, when all three Saints began to appear in the dreams and visions of the villagers, revealing to them the details of their lives and fate, leading them to the excavation of their graves, and inspiring them to build a beautiful monastery in their honor, which is until today a source of continuous healings of various illnesses and diseases by the grace they received from God.

Saints Raphael, Nicholas and Irene of Lesvos

Saint Raphael and the Uniate Liturgy in Hagia Sophia

Finding of the Grave and Relics of Saint Raphael in Karyes of Mytilene in 1959

Finding of the Sacred Relics of the Newly-Revealed Hieromartyr Nicholas in Karyes of Lesvos in 1960

Saint Eleni, Who Was Martyred With Saints Raphael, Nicholas and Irene in Lesvos (+ 1463)

The Glorious Martyrdom and Extraordinary Revelation of Saints Olympia and Euphrosyne of Karyes in Mytilene

Four Facts That Confirm the Miraculous Nature of the Events at Thermi

Didactic Sayings of St. Raphael of Lesvos

The Holy Skull of Saint Raphael In Rhodes

A Miraculous Healing By Saint Raphael of Lesvos

A Miracle of Sts. Raphael, Nicholas and Irene: How A Cerebrally Dead Greek Young Man Was Reanimated!

Fr. John Kalaidis and Sts. Raphael, Nicholas and Irene

Testimony of a Miracle of Saint Raphael for the Kaltsas Family

"I Went to Christouli and Panagitsa High in Heaven": A Miracle of Sts. George and Raphael

"The Saint Heard Your Prayer" - A Miracle of Saints Raphael and Ephraim of Nea Makri

Saints Raphael, Nicholas and Irene and the Exorcism of Theodora in the Year 2000

The Wondrous Restoration of the Holy Monastery of Karyes

Abbess Evgenia Kleidara, of St. Raphael Monastery in Lesvos, Has Reposed

The Funeral and Burial of Abbess Evgenia Kleidara (video)

My Pilgrimage To The Monastery of Saints Raphael, Nicholas and Irene in Lesvos

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