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Friday, April 15, 2016

Akathist to the Theotokos Resource Page

Rejoice, Bride Unwedded.

About the Akathist and Salutations

Synaxarion for the Fifth Saturday of Great Lent

Saturday of the Akathist Hymn

Fifth Saturday of Great Lent: The Akathist Hymn

Liturgical Clarifications Concerning the Akathist Hymn

The Theotokos and the Akathist

"I am a Wall, and My Breasts Like Towers": The Theotokos as Protectress of Constantinople

Who is the Author of the Akathist Hymn?

Three Miraculous Athonite Akathist Icons

Akathist Vigil At Dionysiou Monastery On Mount Athos

Evgenios Voulgaris and the Icon of the Akathist

The Salutations and the Role of the Theotokos in Great Lent

The Music of the Akathist Hymn

A Miracle That Took Place Every Tuesday in Constantinople

The Thief Who Prayed Daily To the Theotokos

How the Theotokos Raised and Saved a Fornicating Priest

Interpreting the Name of the Virgin Maria

The Canon

The Theotokos as a "Star"

The Theotokos as the "Secret Rod"

The Theotokos as the "Throne of God"

The Theotokos as the "Fleece of Gideon<"/a>

The Theotokos as "Fabric"

The Salutations

The First Salutations To The Theotokos

The Theotokos as a Harbor

The Theotokos as the Living Table

The Theotokos as the Incense of Intercession

The Second Salutations To The Theotokos

The Theotokos as the Rectification of Humanity

The Third Salutations To The Theotokos

The Theotokos as the Ark Gilt by the Spirit

The Fourth Salutations To The Theotokos

The Theotokos as the Light-Bearing Lantern

O All-Praised Mother

Other Feasts on the Saturday of the Akathist Hymn

Synaxis of Panagia Theoskepasti in Andros

Synaxis of Panagia Akathist in Schinousa

Synaxis of Panagia Platsanis in Oia of Santorini

Synaxis of Panagia of the Unfading Rose in Piraeus

The Amazing Voyage of a Paper Icon of the Theotokos from Crete to Mount Tabor

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