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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Holy Six Virgin Martyrs of Geroplatonos in Halkidiki (+ 1854)

Holy Six Virgin Martyrs of Geroplatonos in Halkidiki (Feast Day - First Sunday of May)

In April of 1854 the Greek Revolution manifested in Halkidiki led by Captain Tsamis Karatasos. The Revolution failed and on April 22nd thirty notables of Polygyros were massacred. Destruction and further massacres extended throughout Halkidiki.

In Geroplatanos seven girls were locked inside the mill of Tsamis. The Turks surrounded them and asked them to change their religion. Six remained steadfast and confessed their faith in Christ. The Turks had these six burned alive. According to sources, the seventh girl, though she married a Turk, lived and died as a Christian.

Their martyrdom through fire has ranked them among the chorus of New Martyrs, and they are examples of faith and a good confession. Just as a candle melts when it illuminates, so they melted in the furnace of fire and illuminate us. They are a six-branched candelabrum that burned with the fire of faith, illuminated us and refined their faith as gold in the fire. Their burning illuminates us and enriches us.

They are particularly honored in the Parish of the Sacred Church of Saint Demetrios in Geroplatonos of Halkidiki on the first Sunday of May.

Rejoice, six illustrious maidens of Geroplatonos, who were mercilessly burned in the village mill for your faith in Christ, and for your all-white garment of virginity.

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