May 28, 2015

Relics of Saint Vladimir to be Venerated in 45 Cities in Russia

Valery Astanof
May 27, 2015

The sacred relics of Saint Vladimir the Prince will be brought to various Sacred Metropolises of Russia on the occasion of the 1000 year anniversary of their translation.

According to reports, within a period of six months the relics will pass through 45 cities of Russia and Belarus.

The sacred relics of Saint Vladimir were kept in a museum of the Kremlin by the Soviet authorities, and later in 2010 they were transferred to the Cathedral of the Savior in Moscow.

From there the sacred relics will be transferred to the industrial area of Tula, and then each of the 45 cities in which they will remain for 5 days each.

Representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church said that this is the first time such a thing is happening, remarking that this unprecedented campaign will end on December 1st in Kaliningrad.