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Saint Constantine the Great Resource Page

Life and Veneration of Constantine

Synaxarion of Saints Constantine and Helen, the Equals to the Apostles

Saints Constantine and Helen: Epistle and Gospel Reading

Constantine the Great as Saint, Bishop and King

A Summary of What Constantine the Great Did for the Christian Faith

The Transportable Church of Constantine the Great

The Helmet of Emperor Constantine the Great

Saint Savvas the Vimataris and the Miracle of Panagia Vimatarissa

The Vision to St. Paisios the Great of St. Constantine the Great

A Miracle of Saint Constantine in 1947

Saints Constantine and Helen Church in Plovdiv

The Tunnel of 365 Saints at Straja Hermitage

Sts. Prokopios and Constantine, Protectors of Orthodox Marriage

Constantine and His Detractors 

Constantine and the Roman Empire

April 30, 311: Emperor Galerius Issues Edict of Toleration

The Empire of Constantine the Great

Emperor Constantine’s Edict of Milan: 1700 years later

Patriarch Bartholomew: What the Edict of Milan Means For Us Today

Serbia To Celebrate 1700 Years Since the Signing of the Edict of Milan in 2013

What is the "Byzantine" Empire? Lars Brownworth Explains

There Was No "Byzantine" Empire

OSU Professor: The Byzantines were Romans

Continuity and Change in Fourth Century Christianity

The Myth of Byzantine Caesaropapism

Constantine the Great on the Aspiration of Every Roman Citizen

Orthodoxy as the Official Religion of the Roman State

National Healthcare and the Church-State Relationship in Byzantium

Synaxarion for the Dedication of Constantinople

Constantine and the Founding of Constantinople

The Founding of Constantinople (May 11, 330)

The Different Names of Constantinople (Istanbul)

A Hymn to Constantinople by St. Nikolai Velimirovich

Archeologists May Have Discovered Emperor Constantine’s Palace in Sofia

Saint Helen, Mother of Constantine the Great

The Sarcophagus of Saint Helen, Mother of Constantine the Great

Saint Helen and Greek Folk Customs and Traditions

A Recent Wondrous Appearance of Saint Helen in Cyprus

A Miraculous Appearance of Saint Helen to a Cypriot Woman

The Mystery of the Tomb of Christ

Is the Holy Sepulchre the Actual Tomb of Christ?

The Basilica di Santa Croce in Gerusalemme In Rome

The Veneration of the Holy Cross in Cyprus

The Holy Monastery of Saint Nicholas of the Cats

Holy Cross Monastery In Omodos, Cyprus

Panagia Ekatontapiliani and the Blaspheming Fisherman

Constantine and Helen and the True Cross

Commemoration of the Finding of the Honorable Cross and Nails by Saint Helen

On the Two Accounts of the Discovery of the True Cross

Chapel of the Finding of the Holy Cross in the Holy Sepulchre

The Healing Properties of the True Cross in Constantinople

The Rod of Moses in Constantinople

The Distribution of Pieces of the True Cross

Portions of the True Cross That Exist in the Monasteries of Mount Athos Today

Holy Cross Resource Page

Documentaries on Constantine

Documentary: Constantine the Great - The First Christian Emperor

Documentary: Constantine the Great


The Donation of Constantine

The Prophecy Engraved on the Cover of St. Constantine's Tomb

A Narration on the Conversion of the Iberian Nation by a Woman

An Apologia For the Exile of St. Athanasius By Constantine the Great

Movie: "Constantine and the Cross" (1961)

Song About Constantine (to the Tune of "Come On, Eileen" by Dexy's Midnight Runners)

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