May 24, 2015

Saint Kyriakos of Evrychou the Wonderworker

St. Kyriakos the Wonderworker of Evrychou (Feast Day - May 24)

This Saint and Wonderworker is not mentioned by any Cypriot chroniclers nor by any writers of the lives of saints (synaxaristes), but tradition and the ancient church just outside the village of Evrychou, bear testimony to his holy life and history.

Monasticism started booming at the end of the third and early fourth century and so was asceticism in the deserts of Palestine and Egypt. This spirit of total dedication to Christ dominated many Christians of that time. Among these men and women was Saint Kyriakos, the Saint of Evrychou, born of Christian parents and taught about Christ from childhood. However, as his Divine Service states, he came to love Christ from early childhood. This love continued on and became a complete dedication to Him. 

His hermitage, where today his tomb and church are located, became a center for missionary work around the region of Evrychou in Cyprus, and spiritual growth took place for those who came here where the Saint lived seeking for advice. His holy life, his contribution, and the miracles that the grace of God allowed him to make through his prayers, all contributed for him to be recognized as a Saint in the conscience of the people who knew him. This consciousness about his sainthood is kept alive by the Christians of Cyprus until today.

His beautiful chapel, the high concentration of believers on the day of his commemoration on May 24th, but also the miracles take place up until today by the Grace of God, are the confirmation that Saint Kyriakos lived at the location where his church is now situated, and that for 1700 years his supplications to Jesus Christ are always answered for those who invoke him with faith. Just a few years ago he appeared in a vision to a patient in Larnaca who was suffering with a brain tumor, and this patient came to his church and was healed.

The case with the relics of Saint Kyriakos of Evrychou is in the Church of Saint Marina of Xyliatos in Evrychou. His skull is in the Cathedral of Saint George in Evrychou. It is unknown when the removal of his remains from his tomb took place.

The iconography of his chapel dates to the 15th or 16th century. His Divine Service was composed in the early 20th century by an unknown source, and a newer Service was composed in 2000 by Dr. Haralambos Bousias.

The official celebration of Saint Kyriakos on May 24th was inaugurated by the late Metropolitan Chrysanthos of Morphou (+ 1996). His feast attracts numerous pilgrims, and many in the area bear the name Kyriakos in honor of this Saint.

Skull of St. Kyriakos

Chapel of St. Kyriakos

Tomb of St. Kyriakos

Tomb of St. Kyriakos