April 28, 2014

Living in the Light of the Resurrection of Christ

By Metropolitan Ignatios of Arta

The risen man, he who believes in the Resurrection of Christ, lives with the hope of the Resurrection, is not afraid of death, does not give way to the power of evil and sin, is not frustrated by the many hurdles, failures and challenges of life, does not consider the many and devious methods of the devil. He believes, hopes and struggles. He is guided by the truth of the Risen One and is illumined by the light of the Resurrection. He is sanctified, redeemed and deified with the sanctifying Grace of the Holy Mysteries of the Church.

He becomes a grace-filled man who has a vibrant and living presence of Christ in his soul. This is why he is joyful, peaceful, serene, but also a fighter, with much respect and sacrificial love and offering towards others. He is a true and faithful Christian, whose life reveals and testifies to the unique splendor of the Resurrection.

My beloved, unfortunately we do not believe as we ought in our Risen Lord. We do not walk in the light of the Resurrection. This is why man suffers so much. Families are dissolving, corruption dominates, materialism and atheism are progressing, our young are increasingly being led towards violence and drugs, frustration and suicide. There are so many other tragic consequences that we experience daily.

Let us allow, my brethren, the Risen Lord and Redeemer to be our Father and Guide in our life, that we might live in the Light of His Resurrection a joyful, peaceful and creative resurrection life.

Source: Excerpt from the 2014 Pascha Encyclical. Translated by John Sanidopoulos.