April 9, 2014

Elder Paisios on Finding the Way Leading to Jesus Christ

Elder Paisios was asked,

"What should I do to find the way leading to Jesus Christ?"

He answered:

"Christ wants us to eliminate our own will to zero. If you obtain a single one of the following virtues: purification, divine justice, love, obedience, and voluntary poverty, bear in mind that all of these virtues may be found in just one of these virtues. The same thing applies to our passions; one passion includes all our other passions.

Purification requires the soul to be pure and clean through our own will; divine justice is the abandonment of our own will to the will of God; humility is to humble our will and elevate God’s will. Obedience means not to have our own will so that we are able to obey other people. Prayer means to take our mind off our own wishes and desires and concentrate on the will of God.

So you see whichever virtue you apply, you are led to the same result, that is to the elimination of your own will and this leads to the purification of our own will. A person progresses spiritually and is benefitted only when he manages to eliminate his own will to zero."