May 15, 2013

Elder Eusebius: "Habit In Worship Is the Greatest Danger"

By Elder Eusebius Yiannakakis

So that which is a risk, a great risk, is habit; a great and terrible danger is habit.

We cannot allow ourselves to be habitual, neither during the Liturgy, nor with chanting, nor with the Chalice of Life - let us not be habitual with them.

We must feel awe every time a Liturgy is done. Let us follow it with much emotion, awareness and gratitude.

We can always follow the Divine Liturgy as if it was the first and the last time.

Therefore, the greatest danger is habit. Habit in one's rule, and in prayer, and in the Liturgy, and, and, and....

When someone is trying to feel the Lord close to them, and to live their ideal, they never become habituated. Even if there is no time, let's say, for them to do their entire rule, if they do that rule at least well, neatly, clearly, and with much awareness, God will receive it as ten rules. Let our minds and thoughts be on God and feel God there with us. Well, then the Lord blesses and sanctifies.

Our life should walk away from weaknesses, and far from divisions and compromises. Let us seek a pure life, a completely pure and Sacramental life. For it to be fragrant with prayer, worship, and spiritual and holy struggle. So that all of these will attest that we are steadfast in our calling, and that we hold strongly to the holy inheritance of our life which has placed faith in the Lord.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos