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Friday, May 17, 2013

Patriarch Kirill's Mission to China in 2013

- Patriarch Kirill meets with Chairman of the People’s Republic of China, Mr. Xi Jinping

- Patriarch Kirill: The Church contributes to the strengthening of genuine friendship among nations

- Patriarch Kirill meets with director of Chinese State Administration for Religious Affairs

- Patriarch Kirill celebrates Divine Liturgy in Beijing

- Patriarch Kirill: The dreams of the Chinese Orthodox Church’s bright future begins to come true

- His Holiness Patriarch Kirill: China came to the knowledge of Russia through Russian Orthodox Mission

- Primate of Russian Orthodox Church meets with religious figures of China

- His Holiness Patriarch Kirill arrives in Harbin

- His Holiness Patriarch Kirill visits St. Sophia Cathedral in Harbin

- Patriarch Kirill celebrated Divine Liturgy at Intercession Church in Harbin

- Patriarch Kirill meets with vice-governor of Chinese province of Heilongjiang

- Metropolitan Hilarion: There is every condition for the Orthodox Church in China to revive

- His Holiness Patriarch Kirill arrives in Shanghai

- His Holiness Patriarch Kirill celebrates Divine Liturgy in Shanghai

- His Holiness Patriarch Kirill: We are witnessing revival of Chinese Orthodox Church

- His Holiness Patriarch Kirill completes his visit to China

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