September 29, 2012

The Unrepentant Resentful Woman

By Monk Agapios Landos

There once was a woman who lived in fasting and prayer. Outwardly she appeared pious, but she had much pride and believed she was a saint.

She also had such resentment, that, if she argued with another woman, not only did she not forgive her, but she didn't even want to see her again before her eyes.

At one point she became sick and invited her spiritual father, but she didn't confess completely - this is something often done by superficial Christians who hide their great sins and reveal the small ones.

In the end, when the priest brought forward the Holy Gifts that she may commune, she turned her head to the wall and could not even confront the Sacred Pearl.

At the same time, with Divine concession, she confessed with a loud voice:

"Just as I, out of pride, did not forgive whoever I blamed, but I turned away from them, so now the Lord turns away His face from me and does not want to enter my unworthy soul. I will not see Him in the heavenly kingdom, but I will burn in eternal hell!"

And with those words, she died.

From the book Αμαρτωλών σωτηρία (The Salvation of Sinners). Translated by John Sanidopoulos.