September 22, 2012

23 Children Suffering With Tuberculosis Are Baptized in Siberia

In the sanatorium for children in Karasouk of Siberia no one is allowed any entrance for health reasons, but also because of the children suffering from tuberculosis. The mortality of children has increased significantly.

On September 13, however, Bishop Philip, Fr. Sergios and Hieromonk Moses celebrated in the sanatorium the Mystery of Baptism.

Here children are sent from the region of Novosibirsk suffering from pulmonary or bone tuberculosis. They are from very poor families and several of them are very young in age. The sanatorium has very gaps. The parents bring children here in September and pick them up again in May. Essentially they are like orphans.
His Grace Bishop Philip visited the children even before his ordination, and offered material assistance and had celebrated the Divine Liturgy. Many of these children are awaiting surgery, while others die, and so had to be baptized.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos