May 15, 2011

Synaxis of All Saints of Euboea (Evia)

The feast of All Saints of Euboea was established in 1971 by Metropolitan Nicholas Selentis of Halkida. A church dedicated to this feast was also erected in Exo Panagitsa of Halkida that celebrates annually on the Sunday of the Paralytic, which is the fourth Sunday after Pascha. On this feast many relics of the local Saints are brought out for veneration.

Among the Saints of Evia and the Northern Sporades islands are:

1. St. Paul the Apostle (June 29) who came through on his second apostolic journey.

2. St. Methodios of Olympus (June 20) who was martyred in Halkida.

3. St. Reginos of Skopelos (February 25)

4. St. Nikon the Preacher of Repentance (November 27)

5. St. Christodoulos of Patmos (March 16)

6. St. Nicholas Sikeliotis (August 23)

7. St. Gregory of Stroggyli (Feast Unknown)

8. St. Theophylact of Bulgaria (December 31)

9. St. Euthymios the Ascetic (Feast Unknown)

10. St. Daniel the Stylite (Feast Unknown)

11. St. Anthimos the Confessor (Feast Unknown)

12. St. Gerasimos of Sinai (December 7)

13. St. Joseph of Evia (Feast Unknown)

14. St. Savvas the New of Athos (Second Sunday of Matthew on Mount Athos)

15. St. Timothy, Metropolitan of Euripos (August 16)

16. St. Theophanes the Martys (April 19)

17. St. David of Evia (November 1)

18. St. Gerasimos the Martyr (Feast Unknown)

19. St. Symeon the Barefoot (April 19)

20. St. John the Russian (May 27)

21. St. Hierotheos of Kalamon (December 13)

22. St. Nikodemos the Hagiorite (July 14)

23. St. Kosmas Aitolos (August 23)

24. St. Niphon the New Coenobiarch (December 28)

25. St. Nektarios of Pentapoleos (November 9) who preached here when he served as preacher.

26. St. Neophytos Prosmonarios (January 29)

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