May 29, 2011

Synaxis of All Saints of Aitolia-Acarnania

On the Sixth Sunday of Pascha, which is the Sunday of the Blind Man, is celebrated all the saints associated with Aitolia-Acarnania. Among them are the following:

1. Saint Barbaros the Myrrhgusher (May 15 and June 23)
2. Saint Vlasios of Sebastia (February 11)
3. Saint Andrew the Hermit (May 15)
4. Righteous David (November 1)
5. The Holy brothers Symeon and Theodore, builders of the historic Monastery of Mega Spelaion (October 18)
6. Saint Eugenios Aitolos (August 5)
7. Saint John the New Martyr and Hagarene (September 23)
8. Saint Iakovos the New Martyr and his three disciples, Iakovos, Dionysios, and Theonas (November 1)
9. The Holy New Martyrs Lambros, Theodore and one who was anonymous
10. Hieromartyr Kosmas Aitolos (August 24)

Απολυτίκιον Ήχος γ’ (Την Ωραιότητα)
Την πολυθαύμαστον, ανευφημήσωμεν των Αιτωλών πιστοί και Ακαρνάνων γην, την εξανθήσασα Χριστού τα άνθη τα μυρίπνοα, Ιάκωβον, Ιάκωβον, Διονύσιον, Βάρβαρον, σοφόν Κοσμάν, Ανδρέαν τε, Ιωάννην, Ευγένιον, συν Λάμπρω, Θεοδώρω και άλλω, Βλάσιον, Θεωνάν και Δαυίδ τούς αρωγούς ημών.