May 16, 2011

Saint Musa of Rome

St. Musa of Rome (Feast Day - May 16)

Saint Musa lived during the fifth century. She was distinguished for her pure life. St Gregory Dialogos included her story in his Dialogues (Bk. 4, Ch. 17), saying that he had heard these things from Musa's brother Probus.

Below is the account of St. Gregory regarding the vision by the young St. Musa of the Theotokos, and her departure from this life and preparation to be in the company of virgins with the Virgin Mary.

Neither must that be forgotten, which the servant of God before mentioned, called Probus, used to tell of a little sister which he had, called Musa. For he said that one night our blessed Lady appeared unto her in vision, shewing her sundry young maids of her own years, clothed all in white, whose company she much desired. But yet not presuming to go amongst them, the Blessed Virgin asked her whether she had any mind to remain with them, and to live in her service: to whom she answered that willingly she would. Then our blessed Lady gave her a charge, not to behave herself lightly, nor to live any more like other girls, to abstain also from laughing and pastime, telling her that after thirty days she should, amongst those virgins which she then saw, be admitted to her service.

After this vision, the young maid forsook all her former behavior, and with great gravity reformed the levity of her childish years. Which thing her parents perceived, and demanded from whence that change proceeded, she told them what the blessed Mother of God had given her a commandment, and upon what day she was to go unto her service.

Five and twenty days after, she fell sick of an ague; and upon the thirtieth day, when the hour of her departure was come, she beheld our blessed Lady, accompanied with those virgins which before in vision she saw to come unto her, and being called to come away, she answered with her eyes modestly cast downward, and very distinctly spake in this manner: "Behold, blessed Lady, I come, behold, blessed Lady, I come". In speaking of such words she gave up her spirit, and her soul departed her virgin body, to dwell for ever with the holy virgins in heaven.