May 25, 2011

The Finding of the Holy Icon of St. Demetrios In Syros

Finding of the Icon of St. Demetrios (Feast Day - May 25 and Last Sunday of May)
On the Greek island of Syros in the Cyclades, in the village of Vapori a little outside Hermoupolis, on 25 May 1936, the icon of the Holy Great-Martyr Demetrios the Myrrhgusher was discovered. It was found by a resident of Hermoupolis by the name of Manousos Pelekis after he was told of its whereabouts in a vision. On the spot of its discovery, Metropolitan Philaretos of Syros built a magnificent church to honor the miracle. This is the first church the visitor to the island sees when approaching Syros by sea. When ships approach the island, they do not whistle upon entering or exiting the port of Hermoupolis, but when passing this church. It is one of the most visited sites on the island. The discovery of the icon of St. Demetrios is celebrated on the last Sunday of May.