January 13, 2011

The Visitation of St. Maximos Kavsokalyvites to St. Akakios the New

Saint Akakios Kavsokalyvites (+ April 12, 1730) had many visitations from St. Maximus Kavsokalyvites. As is mentioned by his successor Fr. Jonah, St. Akakios saw St. Maximos Kavsokalyvites in a priestly stole during the time of the Holy Service in the Kyriakon censing around the church and the fathers, and following him were another forty venerable-looking and righteous ones with their epanokalymavkia [monastic head covering].

When St. Akakios saw this, he asked St. Maximos: “Who are these, who are following you censing?” And he came and responded that they are those saved through him from the area of Kavsokalyva.

The iconographer of the Kyriakon of this Skete, in the Narthex of the church has depicted, in confirmation of the revelation of St. Akakios, the following Saints in turn: Sts. Athanasios the founder of Great Lavra, Peter the Athonite, Venerable Neilos, Maximus Kavsokalyvites, Venerable Nephon and others kneeling, along with the Venerable Akakios the New, before the throne of the All-Holy Trinity and interceding for all of the fathers and brothers who will complete their lives in a God-pleasing manner at that holy and blessed place, in the Garden of the Panagia, Mount Athos.


The video above is a tour of Kavsokalyvia Skete (from the outside) and the Cave of St. Akakios.