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Friday, January 28, 2011

Metr. Ephraim of Hydra: "The Life Of A Bishop Is A Continuous Golgotha"

Metropolitan Ephraim of Hydra, on the feast of his patron saint Ephraim the Syrian, 28 January 2011, said the following in his homily during the Divine Liturgy:

"The life of a bishop is a continuous Golgotha. In the ten years of my hierarchy, the only joy I've tasted is only when I am in the Holy Altar and liturgizing."

He also said:

"The image of a bishop is not the 'gold' vestments which you see, because when the bishop is alone in his cell with his black rason praying in solitude, with the strength of God he encounters everyone's crosses and bitterness. Meanwhile, however, he is illuminated by God and inspired for his work."

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